retail services

Direct Store Delivery (DSD)

The DSD program is perhaps that easiest music and movie program available today. Your stores will receive a new shipment of the best available music or movies on a pre-determined basis. When sharing POS data we are able to automatically set thresholds in order to keep displays stocked and eliminate the need for store management to take inventories and place orders. In select situations we offer a automatic return system to get NEW product in and out of the store with EASE. No need to stock excess inventory or incur unneeded shipping costs to operate the program.

Distribution Center (DC)

We utilize your current logistics path to your stores. We are well versed with product setup and backhaul procedures to provide your stores a seamless program to capture incremental sales. Items for the Movie and Music programs can be setup title specific for exact re-ordering or by genre grouping to create less SKU's to manage.

In Store Premium Service

In Store Service can be used to collect information, reset displays and general maintenance for either DSD or DC programs. We have partnered with the best service companies in the industry to ensure that our programs are maintained to the highest standard. ALL orders are shipped "READY" for your Sales floor., Product is "pre-packed" in Display ready to be merchandised. We build or design displays to meet the plan-o-gram or store space specifications. This service is a premium offering.